Sample videos

Video Varsity Showreel - 2023

This is our current showreel, which provides a very quick but thorough glimpse into a few recent animated video productions. Deliver rich video content to engage your employees and clients and transform your corporate learning.

Comair Managing Diversity sample

This is a snippet of one part of the Managing Diversity video produced for Comair. There are so many benefits to having diverse teams. However, training is crucial to address hidden biases and build an equitable, respectful workplace.

Disability Cover sample

This is a snippet from one part of one video in a whole series covering retirement fund training at AlexForbes.

Treating Customers Fairly

A sample video for introducing the Treating Customers Fairly regulated training which can be placed on company intranets or learner platforms.

Video Varsity will customise content for corporates to produce a set of engaging training videos which can be viewed online or in company foyers or boardrooms.

Our journey

The Hollard story is an engaging infographic video including a timeline illustrating Hollard Group Risk from its humble beginnings through to where they are now.

The video Infographics depict Hollard’s outstanding results and promise delivery and their servicing capabilities.

Avoiding distractions

Distractions are one of the main reasons why we struggle to get things done. Getting the right software tools to help me manage my tasks is the way I gain efficiency in getting more productive with my time.

This video demonstrates one of our animated whiteboard videos.

Corporate profile

This corporate video was designed to be succinct and engaging while providing of a glimpse into what ElectroMechanica is all about. The video highlights their international brands, their product categories and their reach across South Africa.

ElectroMechanica is a specialized direct importer and wholesale distributor of industrial switchgear as well as products for automation and energy management.

Build yourself a great story

This is a high energy corporate motivational video is designed to inspire. The video uses particle and lensflare animation to create the required visual effect.